My complete portfolio of contributions to various film, television and commercial productions


The Shivering Truth

Shadowmachine 2018

Puppet Sculptor & Fabricator

I sculpted characters and other puppet assets working from character designs or photo references of a real person, often working with Director Cat Solen to create a combination of both. 

I also worked as a fabricator, creating costumes, armatures and other assorted puppet assets throughout the course of the production.

Monkeypaw Logo

Shadowmachine 2017

Scenic Painter

I painted the tea set and spoon used in a short animation for

Jordan Peele's Monkeypaw Productions

Missing Link

Laika 2015-17

Junior Costume Fabricator

I patterned and built costumes for 2 characters (TBA), assisted in creating the original costume for Adelina Fortnight and was responsible for duplicating costumes for both Sir Lionel Frost and Mr. Link himself, among other characters. My tasks also included dying, leatherworking, creating digital embroidery, troubleshooting movement and performing puppet maintenance, including shot-specific adjustments

Kubo and the Two Strings

Laika 2015

Puppet Intern

I trained in the Costume and Hair & Fur departments during the production of this film. I created duplicate costume pieces for Kubo puppets and completed puppet maintenance work


Happy Honda Days

Shadowmachine 2017-18

Puppet Fabricator

For two years now I have worked with a small team created new puppets, puppet assets and duplicated existing designs for the "Happy Honda Days" commercials. My tasks included armature design and fabrication, molding & casting, painting, applying and styling fur to animal puppets, and refurbishing puppets from previous years. I fabricated the bear puppet in the video above from start to finish.

KFC Adopt a Colonel Bear

Weiden & Kennedy 2018

Model Maker

I fabricated this couch and chair combo, building the wooden structures, upholstering the soft goods elements and securing the cushions for the live action performance.

Hermès Noel

Hornet Inc 2014


I worked on set pieces, props and puppets for this spot. In addition to building a wide range of set pieces, my tasks included set element prototyping, designing & carving landscapes, set dressing, and repairing/rebuilding the clay puppets throughout the shoot.